Messe-Service Veranstaltungstechnik - damit Ihre Aktionen beeindrucken - SeLa-Messebau

Trade fair service event technology – ensuring that your stand attracts and impresses

Effective presentations require the right technique – SeLa-Messebau also supports you in this case with strong cooperation partners, who make the right media technology available for each trade fair:

  • light technology – because the right lighting ensures that everything gets the attention it deserves;
  • sound technology –ensuring that your spoken contributions are heard using the right microphone and loud speakers;
  • video technology – ensuring that your films, pictures and presentations are shown and seen in the best possible quality on screens and canvases.

SeLa-Messebau of course also ensures the correct and on-time delivery, the correct assembly, the maintenance and the disassembly after the event is over. Our service is available for all trade fairs right across Europe.

How you benefit:

You don't have to purchase devices yourself that you only need for one trade fair, we will supply you with ones that are of the very latest technical standard.