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Your personal rented exhibition stand

You would like to rent an exhibition stand? SeLa-Messebau offers you a selection of different exhibition stands. We have a version to fit every budget. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a traditional system stand or if you would like a design that is a bit more extravagant – we will definitely have just the one for you.

All stands can be booked as standard packages or you can configure them any way you would like. Would you like graphics on the walls? Or would you like other types of furniture? Do you want the carpet to be in your company's colors? Not a problem, SeLa Messebau makes your wishes a reality.

It doesn't matter how big the exhibition stand should be, SeLa Messebau adapts it to the circumstances and conditions on site, whether corner stand, row stand, head stand or island stand.

Here you see a number of examples of our standard exhibition stand rental packages Tower, Traverse and Classic.

Visit the following link to see an assortment of furniture.


Dow Corning Inc.

Our standard Classic variation has a clear design and can be designed individually.

Dow Corning Inc.

The stand can be designed freely thanks to traverses, which can also traverse large distances without needing any supports.

Lighted long-distance effect elements and system walls in tile design with numerous design possibilities.